Triangle Pose - Trikonasana

Triangle Pose is a great pose to stretch the side of the torso and open up the hips. It works on several parts of the body at once.

In Trikonasana, try to bend sideways. Try to resitst the temptation to reach all the way down to the floor with your lower hand if it compromises the alignments. Read below to understand the alignments in this asana.

Triangle Pose

  • Start in Mountain Pose.

  • Step the right foot forward 3 to 4 feet.

  • Leave the right foot pointing forward. Pivot the heel of the back foot inward, 45 to 90 degrees.

  • Line up the heel of the front foot with the arch of the back foot.

  • Square your hips with the line created by your feet.

  • As you inhale, lengthen the spine and raise both arms up, parallel to the floor.

  • On your exhale, reach out over your right leg with the front arm and bend sideways at the hips.

  • Triangle Pose

  • Place the right hand on your thigh, on your shin bone, on a yoga block or lower, depending on your flexibility. If you feel that you do not need this support, place the hand in front of your right leg, with the palm opened.

  • Triangle Pose

  • Engage the muscles of your thighs.

  • Reach up toward the ceiling with the left hand, palm opened.

  • Line up your head and neck with your spine and look up. If this is uncomfortable for your neck, simply relax the head down.

  • Breathe. stay here for a few breaths.

  • To come out of the pose, inhale and lift your torso up, bringing your arms up and parallel to the floor.

  • Pivot the feet to the other side.

Posture tip

Open the upper shoulder and left hip up. Do not let them roll forward and down. The goal is not to be able to reach the floor, but to stretch the sides of your torso.

When doing Triangle Pose, imagine that there are 2 walls, parallel and very close to each other. And you need to fit in between them. Try to place your body in one single plane. You can use a mirror to help to see your alignments. If your buttocks and shoulders are not in the same plane as the line created by your legs, you need to lift your torso up. Then shift your hips forward and try to roll out your upper shoulder so it is right above your lower shoulder.

Main Target / Benefits
  • Stretches the side of the torso, hamstrings and calves.

  • Opens the hips and shoulders.

  • Strengthens the quadriceps.
Caution / Recommendation
  • Keep a micro bend in the knees to protect them.

  • If balance is or can be an issue for you, practice with your back against a wall.