High Lunge

High Lunge is really nice to strengthen and stretch your legs at the same time. For a greater challenge in this pose, sink the hips down deeper, until your front thigh is parallel to the ground.

High Lunge

I love Lunge Pose because many muscles get involved. It awakens your entire body. I am also really enjoying the many variations for the upper body. I added below some options to choose from. Go for whichever variation suits you at time of practice.

Hands clasped

If you have tight shoulders, clasping your hands together will allow you to work on opening them up. Bringing the hands together gives you more leverage, so you can press your arms back, while keeping the torso straight. This variation is also great to increase the upward lengthening action and allows you to get a greater stretch in your spine.

High Lunge
Hands Clasped

Hands on the ground

After stepping your left foot forward and while you exhale:

  • Lower both hands down to the floor, on either side of your front foot.

  • Press your chest forward to open it up and lessen the rounding of your back.

  • If it is hard to keep your hands on the floor, place yoga blocks under each hand to allow your shoulders to be higher, or place both hands on your front knee. This will give more space for your chest.

High Lunge with Twist

From High Lunge with the hands up toward the ceiling:

  • Make a fist with your right hand, wrap it with your left hand and lower your right elbow to your left knee.

  • Press your elbow against the outside of your knee, keeping your knee pointing forward. Try not to let your knee shift in.

  • Use this leverage to deepen the twist.

  • Pull your belly in to create more space for your torso to twist. Keep the spine long.

Arms Up and Forward

From High Lunge with the hands up toward the ceiling:

  • Reach up and forward. Line up your arms and head with your spine. Reach away from your rear ankle, lengthening.

  • Press your rear heel back, as you lengthen.

  • Pull your belly in and contract your core muscles to support your torso up in a straight line.

  • Keep the shoulders down, away from the ears.
High Lunge
Hands on the Ground
High Lunge
Hands Forward and Up
High Lunge
High Lunge With a Twist

Main Target / Benefits

  • Stretches the back of the front thigh and the front of the back thigh.
  • Opens the hips.
  • Develops balance.
  • Strengthens the quadriceps.

Caution / Recommendation

  • Don't let the front knee go forward past your front foot. If it does, increase the length of your stance. This is to avoid putting strain on your knee.
  • Hamstring injury: Use caution or wait until healed.
  • If balance is or can be an issue for you, practice next to a wall.

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