Child Pose (or Child's Pose) - Balasana

Child Pose is a restorative pose. This pose can be used at any time during a yoga practice when rest is needed. It is also a great asana to simply relax the body and mind and to reduce the stress and tensions that we might have.

Child Pose gently stretches the back, hips and ankles. This posture feels great when performed after back bending poses as it stretches the back in the opposite direction.

  • Kneel down with the top of your feet flat on the floor and next to each other.

  • Place your knees hip width apart.

  • Sit back on you heels with a straight, vertical spine.

  • Inhale, lengthening the spine.

  • Exhale and fold forward. Bring your chest against your thighs.

From here, choose one of the variations below:

Variation 1 - Arms on either side of the body

Child's Pose

  • Rest the forehead on the floor and relax your neck.

  • Rest your shoulders down on your knees and your arms on the floor, next to your legs.

  • Inhale, tuck your tailbone and pull the belly in gently. At the same time, broaden your shoulder blades and lower back, deepening the stretch in your whole back.

  • Maintain the pose for several breaths.

Posture tip

If it hurts your knees to sit down on your heels, try using a folded blanket. Place the blanket on your calves and sit on it. This will elevate your body and create more space for your knees.

Variation 2 - Forearms under the forehead

This variation offers some support to the upper torso. It gives more space for the throat area and puts less pressure on your upper chest. Also, if you have some difficulty to bring the forehead down to the floor, the arms will fill the gap and allow you to rest your head.

Child's Pose

  • Place one palm and forearm flat on the floor, with the other hand and forearm on top.

  • Rest your head on your forearm.

  • Inhale, tuck your tailbone and pull the belly in gently, pressing the spine up toward the ceiling to stretch the whole back.

  • Maintain the pose for several breaths.

Variation 3 - Arms reaching in front of you

Child Pose can be done in a more active way by extending the arms above your head.

Child's Pose

  • Bring both hands forward, on the floor, at shoulder width. Line up the neck with the arms.

  • Inhale, tuck your tailbone and reach all the way through the finger tips. At the same time, reach in the opposite direction with your hips and sacrum, lengthening the spine, keeping the tailbone tucked.

  • Maintain the pose for several breaths.

Main Target / Benefits
  • Relaxes the body and mind.

  • Gently stretches the back and glutes.