Cat Stretch - Marjaryasana and Cow Pose - Bitilasana

Cow Pose
Cow Pose - Bitilasana

Cat Stretch (or Cat Pose) and Cow Pose are great postures to warm up your back gently. They can be used toward the beginning of a practice, before moving progressively toward deeper postures. Try using them together, along with the movement of the breath.

Most of us have done these two poses at some point in our life. But a few great tips will help you gain more benefits out of them.

Posture tip

As you practice Cow Pose, focus on lengthening the spine. Try not to let the vertebras compress on each other.

Cow Pose - Bitilasana

Start with Cow Pose, on an inhale:

Cat Pose - Marjaryasana

Cat Stretch
Cat Pose - Marjaryasana

If practicing this posture by itself, start the same way as in the first two steps described in Cow Pose above.

Posture tip

Push down on the ground with your hands as if you wanted to get away from it. This will help you lengthen the whole spine.

Main Target / Benefits

  • Stretches the whole back.
  • Warms up the spine

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