Yoga Poses and More - Learn and Practice Yoga

If you would like to learn yoga poses or if you are looking for information to help you progress through your yoga practice, you are at the right place.

If you are unsure whether to do yoga or not, know that everyone can practice yoga. People of any age, any shape and any flexibility can practice yoga. I often hear people say that they are not flexible enough to do yoga. But you do not have to be flexible to do it. Flexibility improves with practice and yoga is about much more than just flexibility.

Warrior III
Balancing Pose - Warrior III

Why Yoga?

A regular practice of yoga poses (yoga asanas) will bring you many benefits. This is true for beginners, as well as advanced yogis.

Yoga helps many people to overcome injuries. It helps athletes to perform better in their sport. Others use it to achieve a healthy weight and some simply want to exercise or to find balance. There is a long list of good reasons to practice yoga, including the benefits for the mind.

If you have never done yoga, even your very first practice might make you feel great. Your muscles may be sore after your first few sessions, depending on your fitness level and your choice of postures. But this is part of any new physical activity.

Most people get into yoga with a reason. They quickly discover and appreciate many benefits that they were not expecting. This makes them continue practicing and it becomes part of their lifestyle.

So whatever your reason for wanting to practice yoga, know that there is a wonderful journey in front of you. The physical benefits of yoga are, by themselves, enough to keep people practicing. Yoga helps you get stronger, more flexible, balanced, relaxed... It allows your body and mind to find balance and become healthier.

Connect to Yourself

There are mental benefits that come with a yoga practice. Yoga calms the mind. It helps to bring the stress down and to appease intense emotions.

Side Plank
Side Plank Variation

The fact of focusing on the breath during yoga practice, along with the breathing techniques themselves, leads to steadiness of the mind. This contributes greatly to meditation, which is actually one of the original purposes of yoga.

We tend to forget to listen to our body. Or maybe we do not feel it. Maybe we do not let ourselves feel it. For example, we sometimes eat too much. We do not recognize, feel or listen to the body when it is full. Yoga means union. It unites the inner self to the body and it puts them in harmony. This increases body awareness and allows us to be able to be more connected to ourselves.

What You Will Find on This Website

On this website, you will find comprehensive information about yoga poses . You will find how to perform the poses properly and safely. As you progress, at your own pace, add postures that are more challenging. You will find several variations of most poses, with pictures and precise descriptions. Try the different variations and take the time to let your body feel by keeping the poses for several breaths.

Yoga pictures and videos will be added progressively as I build this website. I hope to help you find inspiration and progress in the comfort of your home.